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First, you need to configure your Teamspeak 3 server data and query login. This can be done by navigating to Admin -> Settings -> Teamspeak 3.

Users can set their Teamspeak 3 UUID in the profile settings afterwards.


Channels can be created through a reward of a donation package or manually through the user page. This requires:

  • Channel Name (optional)
  • Parent-Channel ID (ex. 143)
  • Channel-Group Name (ex. "Channel Admin")


Server-Groups can be given thourgh a reward of a donation package or as synchronization of a GExtension group. To establish a synchronization, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Admin -> Settings -> Groups -> Edit -> Teamspeak 3 Synchronization
  2. Insert the name of the Server-Group (ex. Moderator) for the group in the specified bundle. For example "TTT-Moderator" in the TTT bundle of the group Moderator.

The synchronization of a user will be checked on the following events:

  • Everytime the Teamspeak 3 UUID was changed in the profile settings
  • Everytime the groups of the user were changed


How do I get a ServerQuery Login?

  • You get the login after creating your Teamspeak server. But you can also create a login by pressing Tools -> ServerQuery Login.

How do I get the ID of the Parent-Channel?

  • You have to download and install this skin for your Teamspeak 3 client. Now click on the parent channel you wish and get the ID of it.

Teamspeak skin.png