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Navigate to Admin -> Settings -> Languages to add a language.



All translations are available and editable in the LanguageCenter (linked above). There are 3 columns:

  1. Identifier -> Unique name of the language variable, used in the code
  2. Language (Read) -> An existing translation that can be used to create a new translation
  3. Language (Write) -> Input fields, where new translations can be entered and open proposals


To submit a proposal, enter a translation and press ENTER. You will get a confirmation and the information if your proposal needs to get verified by other translators. The amount of required approve/deny votes depends on the number of users that have access to the selected language:

  • 1-3 Users = 0 votes needed
  • 4+ Users = 1 vote needed

Getting Access

If you get access to a language, please visit the page from time to time, to approve/deny other translations. You will get reminded per E-Mail if there are open proposals.

There are two ways how you can get access to a language:

  1. Automatic activation by IP -> Select one language spoken in your country
  2. Request a language -> You can request any language. However, you must provide a reason why you are suitable for that language in English and in the selected language.

Both options can be found, when clicking on the green "+" button. Please keep in mind that it can take some time until your request gets processed.

The languages English and German are excluded from the automatic activation and will not be unlocked.