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Groups are a main part of GExtension.

Permission Level

The permission level is used to create a hierarchy. Users can't target other users with a group that has a higher or even permission level.

When GExtension applies rewards, there can't be any "downranks".


The "Sync" button in the group settings can be used to synchronize dependencies of the group. This includes:

  • Associated Webgroups
  • Discord Roles
  • Teamspeak 3 Server-Groups

This procedure is very resource taking and should not be executed on groups with thousands of members.

Associated Webgroups

The associated webgroup feature makes it possible to set webgroups depending on the server groups. If a group membership is changed in-game, the associated webgroup will be set in the "web" bundle. The webgroup will always be set to the associated webgroup with the highest permission level of all associated webgroups (depending on the server groups).