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Navigate to Admin -> Settings -> Donations.

Some providers want to test the shop. You can provide them a test login by navigating to Admin -> Settings -> API.


  1. Create a PayPal account (no business required)
  2. Insert your PayPal E-Mail
  3. Follow the url and insert the given IPN url to your PayPal account
  4. Enable PayPal gateway

paysafecard (no partner)

  1. Enable paysafecard gateway

paysafecard (partner)

  1. Create an paysafecard partner account (business required).
  2. Insert your API key
  3. Select TEST environment
  4. Enable paysafecard gateway
  5. Run the "Integration Tests". Start a payment and copy "mtid" from your browsers url.
  6. Select PRODUCTIVE environment
  7. Let paysafecard verify your installation

G2A Pay

  1. Create G2A ID and fill out the merchant form (business required).
  2. (G2A Pay) Set the IPN url to the value specified in the GExtension settings
  3. (GExtension) Set the secret key and API hash to the values specified on the G2A Pay page
  4. Disable sandbox mode
  5. Enable G2A Pay gateway


  1. Create a Payssion account (no business required)
  2. Create a direct API app Notify and Return URL should have the values shown in the GExtension settings
  3. Let Payssion verify your app and your account
  4. Disable sandbox mode, select gateways you want to offer and fill out api and secret key
  5. Enable Payssion gateway


  1. Create a stripe account
  2. Add public and private key in the GExtension settings