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This article will lead you through the installation process of GExtension.


First, you have to install the GExtension webpanel (GMOD Web).

  1. Download the installation files from GmodStore
  2. Edit config.php
    • Protocol: 'http' or 'https'. Only use 'https' if you have a valid SSL certificate.
    • SteamAPI: Key: Get your API Key from Steam
    • Timezone: Select the correct timezone from this site
    • MySQL: Insert IP, port, user, password and database
    • SMTP (optional): Insert mailserver, port, username, password, alias, security and method. You can use if you do not have your own mailserver.
  3. Upload the files to your webserver
  4. (LINUX, self hosted) Set directory permissions: Your webserver needs read/write permissions for every GExtension file or folder. (Commands may differ per system)
  5. For default PHP: chown -R www-data:www-data /path/to/gextension/ chmod -R 770 /path/to/gextension/ For PHP FastCGI/FPM: chown -R <CGI-USER>:www-data /path/to/gextension/ chmod -R 770 /path/to/gextension/
  6. Open the directory on your webserver using a browser
  7. Press "Retrieve" to get your license
  8. Press "Start"




Attention: Your players may lose their groups if you do not follow the instructions under "Groups and Bans"

After installing the web part, you can now install the Lua addon.

  1. Open the GExtension webpanel (GMOD Web) with your webbrowser
  2. Click on the bullhorn (further named "Admin") -> Settings -> Update
  3. Click on the "Lua" button and save the ZIP file
  4. Extract the files to a local folder and navigate to "gextension/lua/gextension/config/"
  5. Edit sh_config.lua to your needs. Required: WebURL
  6. Edit sv_config.lua and insert your MySQL data (same that you used for GMOD Web)
  7. Upload the folder into your server's addon folder
  8. Install tMySQL or MySQLoo
  9. Restart your server and connect

The Lua installation is now finished and you should see that GExtension has connected to the database in the console. But to work correctly, you now need to assign your server to a serverbundle.

  1. Open GMOD Web with your webbrowser
  2. Navigate to Admin -> Settings -> Servers
  3. Create a new serverbundle with a fitting name (for example "TTT") and select your server
  4. After five seconds, you can see in the console, that the server found the bundle

Groups and Bans

Go to Admin -> Settings -> Groups and create all groups you have in GMOD with the EXACT SAME name.

Import users/bans from ULX or ServerGuard

Make these steps before players connect to your server. Import:ULX-ServerGuard